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Corporate (T2) Tax Filing Deadlines

CORPORATE T2 RETURNS   Filing Deadline: Six months after your year-end Corporate Returns must be filed no later than six months after the end of each tax year. When the corporation’s tax year ends on the last day of a month, file the return by the last day of the sixth month after the year end date. When the yearRead the rest of this page »

Personal (T1) Tax Filing Deadlines

Clients often get anxious about tax filing deadlines and the possibilities of what that means in the eyes of the Canada Revenue Agency. When that happens, many clients adopt a “head in the sand” position and choose to ignore filing deadlines. As we know from experience, sooner or later, we must face up to the reality of the situation andRead the rest of this page »

Procrastinating on your Tax Return(s)?

The April 30th tax filing deadline for individuals has long since passed, along with the June 15th filing deadline for those individuals with self-employment income.  Although, it’s somewhat surprising how many people put off getting their taxes organized and filed on time, the reality is, that it is a pretty common occurrence. For those of you who are procrastinating, hereRead the rest of this page »

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